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Delta Airlines

“It has been refreshing to see that there are remaining companies that pride themselves in providing products and services to their customers at this level of quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism.”.


Marine Corps Air Station New River

“The professionalism of your employees, their attention to detail, and the timely completion of this project have not gone unnoticed.”


Atlanta Airlines Terminal Corporation

“F&S Mechanical’s projects were executed safely, in a secure-first environment, provided quality results and were completed without incident.”


New South Construction

“Your approach to issues as well as your coordination efforts with other subcontractors and ourselves made this project a very enjoyable experience. It is rare to receive this level of attention in today’s fast paced construction market.”


Rosser, Inc.

“It is obvious that you have worked hard to make this a successful construction project.”


New South Construction

“We could not have done this without your team. Our team cannot thank you enough for your commitment to meeting the goals of our client on this project. This project is added to what is already a long list of successful projects we have completed together, with many more to come.”